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What Is Ekho Academy?

Life doesn't come with a rule book. It should. But it doesn't.

But to deal with life's challenges, it's important to equip yourself with the tools and strategies to help you navigate it with confidence. So even if you're filled with fear, anxiety, stress, or anything else, you can feel comfortable in your decisions. 

That's our goal at Ekho Academy. We want to show you how to respond to everyday challenges in a healthy and sustainable way so that it doesn't affect your mental wellbeing - i.e. stressed, burnt out, anxious, lonely, fearful etc.

Our vision is simple. Everyone mentally healthy and strong.

How We Help


On-demand classes with built in challenges to help you practice and make progress quickly.

Step-by-Step Guides

Access simple guides to keep you on track when you're experiencing challenges.

Community Accountability

Lean on a community motivated by the same goals and aspirations as you.

Check Out Our Podcast!

The Ekho Academy podcast focuses on the theme of resilience. We speak with top athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, coaches, artists, and mental health professionals to uncover what it takes to be resilient!

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Join us for our live podcast sessions when we interview people who've mastered their mind and get the opportunity to ask them a question during our live Q&A!