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"You control the answers... even if you don't control the questions."

On this episode...

Velina Loi-Collins

Velina started her career with the Govt service before moving into Human Resources which included notable companies like Apple.  

Thereafter, Velina founded her own HR & Career Training & Consultancy business where she continues to play an active role in 15 years on.   

As a consultant with various career companies, Velina has coached/trained literally hundreds (if not thousands) of professionals over the years on job search skills during their career transition. Interestingly relevant to today’s topic on Interviewing, Velina has trained people on both sides of the table on how to interview effectively - both as an interviewee and as an interviewer.

On the personal front, Velina is happily married to an Irishman and is almost an empty-nester with 3 young adult children whose career aspirations are aligned to their interests & strengths.

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