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"they focus on the uncertainty of their effort rather than the certainty of temporary checkmarks or outcomes."

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Troy Engle

Troy currently serves as Head of Academies and Clubs for Sport Singapore.  In his role, he directs pathway development across multiple sports through programming at the nation’s sports centres. 

Prior to his arrival in Singapore, Troy served as a sports coach and sports administrator for over thirty years in the United States and abroad.  Most recently, he served as the head coach of the men’s and women’s track & field team at West Point – the United States Military Academy. In addition, Troy is an international recognized lecturer in track and field coaching and has served as the Chair of Coaches Education for USA Track and Field.

Troy has also served on the coaching staff of numerous US national track and field teams, most recently serving as the men’s endurance coach at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and holds the distinction of being one of only two Americans to have coached at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games (having served as the head coach of the US team at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing).

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