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The Best Job Interview Advice

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Let's face it. There are many ways you can effectively prepare for a job interview. 

In fact, if you Google "job interview tips", you'll get more than 1 billion search results

So, with plenty of information and resources available, how do you determine which is the best for you? 

More importantly, how do you prevent analysis paralysis because there is just so much information that you don't know where to start? 

Well... that's what we want to share with you in this article. 

We want to teach you a simple way to think about your job interview so you can prepare effectively without spending too much time or effort.

Sounds too good to be true? 

The Most Important Thing To Master

To avoid overcomplicating the process, your interviewer wants to find out 3 main things.

  • What are some examples of your experience matching their requirements?
  • Are you able to learn and execute quickly with minimal to no supervision?
  • Are you a better match compared to other candidates (both objectively & subjectively)?

This can be a lot to prepare for. 

So to keep things simple, remember this golden rule. 

No matter the question, always highlight your similarities, and sell your differences. 

Regardless of the question, you role is always to highlight your experiences that are similar to the job requirements.

Conversely, if your experience doesn't match their requirements, show them why it'll be an asset to their company to have your skillset in that particular role. 

Your preparation should always tie back to the golden rule. 

Listen To More Tips On How To Ace Your Next Job Interview!

Interested in listening to some examples of the golden rule? 

Or perhaps you want to find out more ways you can ace your next job interview? 

Check out our podcast interview with Career Coach, Velina Loi-Collins below: 

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