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About Munir Nanji

Munir Nanji, is an International Banker with 28 years of experience, and has lived in various corners of the world. Currently, he is based in Singapore. 

Munir is passionate about education and involved in mentoring, advisory, working with philanthropic foundations to invest in startups in developing markets and fundraising. Of late Munir has taken a keen interest in Women Diversity.

When approaching the age of 50 he realised he wanted to do something new and different for himself. Munir registered for his first Ultra Marathon. Three months later he was at the finish line of a 250km race in New Zealand in which he also raised money to give back to Education in Kenya — the platform that helped him launch his career as a global banker. After this, he went on to complete another  self-supported ultramarathon in the Atacama Desert. His experiences have transformed his mindset and he continues to apply his newfound learnings to his work and personal life.

Key Points From The Episode

1) Change a negative to a positive, it will make you feel a lot better in that space.

2) Treat your body like a goddess.

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