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Here's A Simple Way To Gain More Experience

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This simple way of thinking was offered by one of our podcast guests, Allison Carr

We asked Allison a reflective question. 

"What would the Allison of today advice the Allison of 23 year's old when she was moving to a new country?"

Allison was pensive.

She took a moment to think about it before realising the answer she had wasn't something she expected it to be. 

"Actually, I would probably turn that around. I probably have bigger fears now than I did at the age of 23. 
Because as you get older, and more senior in your career, those failures become bigger. Your confidence grows in one way but lacks in another. 
So I would actually take a step back and just remind myself how excited, carefree, and fearless the 23 year old me was. 
Because if I don't remind myself of  that person , I probably would've never done this [her current role] in my forties.

What Hindsight Taught Allison

Hindsight reminded Allison that it was the fearlessness in her youth that allowed her to accumulate the experiences she needed to get to where she is today. 

That is the purpose of this article. It is to remind you of a simple point. 

Never shy away from taking the risks that excite you as much as it frightens you.

It's the best way to accumulate meaningful experience. 

Listen To More Of Allison's Interview

If you'd like to listen to Allison's insightful interview on what it takes to relocate to a new country, you can do so below.

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